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  1. Work started to slow down…then the boys came down with colds.  Colds aren’t fun in our house.  I feel like I’ve missed all of the festivities. 😦  There’s always next year!  That seems to be my mantra.
  2. At least they are only colds.  Perspective.
  3. I love staring squinty eyed at my Christmas Tree…makes the lights look like little sparkly diamonds.
  4. Speaking of sparkly, I love a glittery mess.  Glitter Messes for Everyone!
  5. Speaking of diamonds, I lost mine.  My wedding band is diamond-less…and the glittery mess has made it awfully confusing.  “Oh, there it is!” Nope, just glitter.
  6. Jack, bless his heart, said “Oh, are you so sad??  I wish this was all a dream!”
  7. But I’m not too sad.  Again…perspective.  The man is more important than the ring! But I love his little heart.
  8. Everyone is baking for Christmas.  Cookie baking day!! I haven’t had time for such a day, but mom and dad made a Trader Joe’s run and brought back Peppermint Covered Pretzel Thins, Chocolate Drizzled Kettle Corn, Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies, and Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Covered Almonds.  BAM.  Deliciousness.  Easy.  I’m thinking that’s a tradition right there.
  9. I’m not much of a cook, but via friends and Pinterest I managed to find and whip up a Chile Relleno Casserole and Chile Colorado Burritos.  Oh My.  So easy, such a taste of my Southwest home.  Insanely good.  They will become staples in our house.  (And I did full fat everything in the casserole.  None of that skim stuff!)  😉
  10. Luke backpeddaled in the sleeping dept, so last week I spent 3 nights at mom and dad’s again.  Came back, had an awesome 5 nights.  Last night…up all the night long.  This kid ain’t easy! But he’s cute.
  11. Done with the boy’s shopping; Ryan is getting a little robot collection and Jack is getting a Captain America mask.  Luke is getting a new car seat!  Other than that, they’ll each get 2 plush toys from the Mario crew (Luigi, Bowser, etc). I think it will be the simplest and best Christmas ever.  Right now Jack has Mario, and they make up so many plays with him and the other stuffed animals…they are going to be some happy kiddos next week!
  12. Next week I’m going to hunker down and start an Etsy shop!  Big Cartel has been great, and we’ll probably keep a little presence there, but we want to join some of our friends over at the big E.  We have new ideas that we are so excited about!  Eek! We are also considering expanding our operations and buying a new little machine…hmmm…Oh!  and L.L.Bean reordered! We have to get them some new posters.  Yipee!

One more thing…I just love Jeanette’s heart and her fundraisers over at Life Rearranged…this year she’s raising money for Yana.  OH MY GOSH; look at that face!!

life rearranged
{Although it’s not about the “receiving”}, she has thrown in a couple of generous giveaways here and here (you don’t HAVE to donate to enter…just spread the word)…it’s a good way to let people know and raise money for this precious girl’s adoption fund.  You can click on the picture to learn more about Yana and donate!  Can you spare a dollar?

What God the Father considers to be pure and genuine religion is this: to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering and to keep oneself from being corrupted by the world.  James 1:27

Have a safe weekend friends!