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Time to speed blog; maybe I can do this AND get a shower in?  Maybe?

My days, these days?  I’m up early with this kid and the middle child.  I’m usually enormously blessed to wake up 15 minutes before they do…every once in a blue moon.   Usually doesn’t happen though.
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Then it’s entertain the baby; holy cow.  My time is no longer my own, other than the ONE 45 MINUTE nap he takes a day.  Wow.  Usually that is spent cleaning or prepping supper or helping Ry and Jack; I can’t remember the older boys taking up so much of my time!  (I love him, I do.  It is wonderful, but a wee bit exhausting).  He goes down around 8 pm, at which time I have to fall into bed as well because I.Am.Toast.

By the way!  Ry turned 8 last week.  Gracious.  My oldest, so sweet, so smart. I love him.  You rock, Ryan.  I would go on and on, but a shower and lunch awaits…

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One day a few weeks ago when Grammy had the boys, I managed to paint *most* of our bedroom curtains.  And I’m loving it!  We have 3 windows, I finished the two behind the bed.  One more window to go.  I used frog tape and Martha Stewart’s Metallic Polished Silver from Home Depot. So nice to do something with paint…our bedroom is finally starting to come together!

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Received this from the Noonday Collection; used a Christmas Gift Certificate!  Love it, very, very much.

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Ok, that is the quick version of what has been going on; I actually have had some really incredible God inspiring things happening in my heart…{and I blog about them in my mind, daily}.  I’m so ready to share them with you; mainly for the accountability factor!  They’ll come soon; they have to come soon.  As soon as my kids start sleeping in!  😉