Sooo…my birthday was yesterday.  And my 97 years-young grandpa died a couple of days prior.  So it’s been bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter, I assure you!  More tears have been shed just imagining the fantastic reunion he’s been enjoying.  Wow!  I can just imagine him running to grandma…saying “Hey Kiddo! It’s been too long!”  or picking up a baseball bat and playing a game with his brothers.  Talking to Jesus, for goodness sake.  That’s the best gift.  The BEST gift I could of received.  That assurance that my grandparents are all up there now, enjoying life as it should be.

I wanted to share with you a little string of sweet posts on Facebook;

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 8.31.00 AMThat just made my heart so happy!  And it’s such a call to action, is it not?  To live a life and leave a legacy like that?

So on this silly commercialized day of manufactured “love”…just start truly loving big through your words, your actions, your thoughts. That’s my birthday wish (hey, I reserve the right to extend it a day!)  😉  I just read that “Valentine” is derived from “Valens” which means worthy, strong, and powerful. Awesome.  Start throwing around some worthy, strong and powerful love, people! Not through chocolate and roses, but through the true meaning of the word. Love your kids.  Others.  Strangers!  Instead of being snarky…instead of complaining about this politician or that, or putting down others that aren’t quite like you…or becoming aggravated about people that cause circumstances that frankly don’t matter in the grand scheme of things…strive to live in a way that will leave a love legacy.  Everyday…not just today.

Thanks for the reminder Grandpa!