I feel so good today guys!  Not that I’ve been feeling bad…but man, the boys went to Grammy’s and I stayed home for once (usually I MUST escape these four walls whenever I have the chance).  Instead I stuck around and painted our hall and part of the kitchen; things that I just cannot possibly do while a toddler is in the house.  Especially my toddler.

On the Luke front, he has spent night number 3 in the boy’s bedroom!  Yup, he’s 18 months old and still in our room…funny how that works.  Anyway, Ry and Jack have spent the night in the living room and Erick has slept in Ry’s bed to give Luke a little reassurance when he wakes up at night.  He is sleeping MUCH better without me in the room; we’ve gone through such back and forth sleeping patterns with him, but it pretty much boils down to…if mommy isn’t in the room, I can sleep just fine.  Ha.  We’ll move the boys back in there in a couple of nights and Erick will navigate his way back to OUR bed…wish us luck!  3 boys in one bedroom…2/3rds of them whom tend to sleepwalk and talk…yeah, maybe that sleep thing won’t happen for me, forever.  😉

So!  On the Etsy front, I managed to stay up way too late the other night and put a treasury together.  It was so fun!  Check out this color!  All Maine artists, too.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 4.57.20 PM

Talent, I tell you.

OH yeah!

I’ve decided to partake of the social aspect of Instagram…finally! I am following 6 people and have a grand total of 4 followers.  I would love to socialize with you!! I’m right here.  Lots of old boy pictures but I’m branching out!  😉

Erick just called; he’s on his way home.  Logging off to enjoy my clean house for the next few minutes!

Sharing a fun new product next post!  Can’t wait for you to see it!

{Do you want me to include anymore exclamation points??!!!!?} Ha!