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Sunshine!  Blue Skies! Ahhhh….it was such a fantastic day.  Melting snow was a PLUS.  We took kind of a last minute trip to Freeport and stopped at LL Bean…do you know there is a new kind of Moose Species?



Cute species, right?

We’ve come up with a few more pendant ideas…but we have more in the works.  A local retailer wanted some animal options so we found a few…are coming up with more…AND I have other jewelry ideas that are pretty different.  So fun, I tell ya.


So…about the jewelry…we’ll be offering it on Groopdealz on the 27th.  Took some thought; these are quite a bit of manual labor!  It’s just a pretty good way to get word out about your shop, and we need us some Etsy love, so we’ll take the temporary profit hit.  So if you have already purchased a necklace, thank you from the BOTTOM of our little ol’ hearts.  My dad is taking pictures of the process of making them; it’s pretty fascinating.  I’ll do a blog post soon just dedicated to that!!

Also!  We have kind of a neat opportunity, maybe.  Some people are going to be discussing one of our products tomorrow, and maybe it could lead to something, maybe not!  Either way we’re cool with it.  I told mom we’d pray like crazy through it, and if God says “no” to this we’ll be saying THANK YOU from saving us from that!!  Honestly, it’s fantastically freeing to put yourself out there, but FIRST in God’s hands.  It takes away the anxiety, friends.  It’s such a good place to be. {I highly recommend it!}

Finally…I just have to give a shout out to my girlfriends and my husband.  We had our monthly Girls Night Out on Saturday.  Girls, you make me SO HAPPY.  Seriously.  Laughter is good for the ol’ soul.  And honestly, it was topped off so ultimately, because when I walked through the door it was to incredibly enthusiastic kids…and an extraordinarily clean house.  Like…cleaner than it has been…ever?  Ha.  My men took very, very thoughtful care of me.  It was such a gift.

Time to sleep!  Here’s to blue skies, wherever you may be. 🙂