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So…my blog stats freak out a little bit every time Ashley mentions this ol’ girl.  Ashley and Jamin…THANK YOU.  Seriously.  Your shout outs mean the world to me!!  Take a look at this post and check out the amazingness around the blog world.  Just…wow.

We’ve been able to collaborate on some custom Canvas Letter deals with people this week; so exciting!  I love the ideas that come in; people are so creative.  Speaking of creative people, we’ve befriended Melaine Thompson of My Sweet Savannah, and she is hosting a Canvas Letter GIVEAWAY.  If you want something of your own, go here and leave a comment!!  And then go download the latest issue of Souvenir Magazine that Melaine collaborates on.  Holy Moly, you guys.  Ready for some spring inspiration?  You’ll get it!  It costs the equivalent of a fancy cup of coffee, but will last much longer, I promise. 😉

Let’s see…elsewhere in blogland, Jess had us run a “This is the Life” sign in wooden letters and she put it on Beckie’s wonderful blog, Infarrantly Creative.  Good ideas, peeps!


On the homefront, we have been sick, well, sick, well…yeah.  SO stinkin’ ready for warm weather.  Here’s a picture of Jack rubbing Luke’s legs last week when the little one was down and out.  So sweet.


They got over the stomach bug and ended up with colds for the 20th time this year.  SIGH.


So, I’m verrrrry close to my photo limit on this blog, and I’m thinking it’s good timing; might give me the motivation to just roll everything into one big 163 Design Company website.  It’s time to get, well, professional about things. 🙂  I’m still a bit undecided…change can be hard.  Just thinking out loud!

Also, man, I have the ultimate design for the boy’s room.  Just need time and money, honey!  I’m so excited; hoping we can knock some things out this spring and summer.  I can’t wait for you to see what’s in my head!


I’ve successfully completed a post while the baby is sleeping.  Has the time change kicked you in the tail?  It has me, although it’s worth the extra light, for sure.  Luke is all confused though, and his nap is suffering.  That, and I can’t wake up before him anymore because I’M suffering.  Can’t wait for a routine to present itself, and to be able to have a minute or two in the morning to myself again!

Signing off, laundry to finish!  Go join that giveaway!!