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Ok, did y’all know that there is such a thing as Stendhal Syndrome?  Apparently I suffer from it.  Basically it’s a strong reaction to beauty. Art.  The natural world.  (Anything from tears to hallucinations, even). Like…ok.  I’m going to completely embarrass myself here, but I was once standing in the aisle at AC Moore and I saw a line of Martha Stewart party supplies, but the design was so good, you guys, that I just up and sprouted tears from my eyeballs.  Tiny ones though, promise.

Are you falling on the floor in laughter yet?  It’s a problem you guys.  I just LOVE creativity, in basically any form, whether it’s God’s hand or a human touch.  I LOVE IT!

So today, the boys skedaddled up to Grammies, and I had to bust out of this house and desperately needed to see the ocean, so mom and I went to Camden, my happy place.  We went to JoEllens, of course, because her store is so utterly fabulous, and I laid eyes on this guy.  OH MY GOSH.  I think I had palpitations.  And my husband is going to love me, because I pre-spent our income tax money on him.  Our taxes haven’t even been approved yet, but I shot up a prayer and asked God to just make it ok, because he HAD to come home with me.


He’s a whale made out of recycled drums!  Are you kidding me?

Look at his grin!

you know you want to bring me home....

you know you want to bring me home….that’s what he’s saying.

photo-10But the above close up right there?  That was the kicker.  The chair!  The window!  So fabulous I can hardly stand it, even now.  Somebody grab the smelling salts.

Look at his other side!


He was $50; not the kinda bucks I normally lay down on anything.  I can’t just go spend willy nilly.  We live on a teacher’s salary!  But Jesus, please send that tax money toot sweet.  I couldn’t help myself.

Also…I perhaps might of maybe…picked up a couple of these incredibly inexpensive towels for our kitchen redo.  Very, very cheap art dear husband.  PROMISE.


Imagine a couple of those against a dark chalkboard wall.  Just IMAGINE.  Mmmmhmmm.

We stopped at the Deli and this was our view, while eating a quiche filled with spinach and feta and garlic and onion and it was a glorious flavor explosion in my mouth.  I almost couldn’t handle today.


AND, by the way, we are running our letters over at Very Jane for the next couple of days.  This is just an example; they come unpainted, but I chalkboard painted a few so you can see what the final product looks like.  Fantastical.


They are 11 inches high and are $7.99 a piece!  You can find them right here my dears!


Help me!  What should I name my whale?  I’m tempted to let the boys name him, but it would probably be something along the lines of “toot”.  Because that’s basically all they say or do these days.  Luke, obviously following in his brother’s footsteps, has decided it’s the funniest thing in the world.  He gets that “look” and then, well, it’s fits of giggles.  BOYS!

One more thing; my really amazing blog friend wrote a really special post on our company; just want to say thanks again my dear!  You should head over and say hi and check out her work, too! She’s fantastic, you guys.

Praying gobs of beauty over you ALL today! 🙂