All through my facebook feed!  All through Instagram!  Egg dying, cute easter outfits, delicious food.  I just had to throw in mine as well.

photo-12 photo-13

Anndddd we’ll throw in some laundry too.  For good measure.  Because that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to all week…like chest deep.


It’s Sunday…and this has been status quo since Tuesday.  Oh, and I figured he wouldn’t want me to include a sickie picture, but Erick fell victim to this awful stomach bug as well.  Awful, I tell you! {So far my immunity has held…wow. Kinda shocked by that.} This weekend was Erick’s birthday (what a way to celebrate, right?); we had plans to take Friday evening and all Saturday to ourselves; celebrate my man and our marriage, because it has been a couple of years since our last overnighter.  The bug had other plans, though.

It’s been long and hard and yucky, but I’m so thankful to be surrounded by these men.  Sick or not!  There is HOPE, that this will come to and end.  And the more important HOPE that Jesus offers. We can stand a little suffering in light of what He gave to us.  We live right across the street from our church; I loved seeing people stream in and out this morning.

So no egg dyeing this year.  We’ll put off our little easter egg hunt until they are all better; I imagine this is going to drag on for another few days because Jack was the first to fall and is still not super.  And Erick and I switched our reservation to next Friday night.  Praying that all will be well, and it will be very much worth the wait!

Hoping you all had a glorious day!  Happy Easter, from the laundry filled sick bay. And happy birthday to my amazing man. We’ll drag this birthday out in grand style!