We had 25 Hours Together this weekend, no kids!  Not enough time at ALL…next time definetily maybe we’ll take 2 nights! 🙂

And we did it frugally, too!  I booked a night at the Regency, but scored a crazy good out-of-season, internet deal…for much less than we’ve paid at lesser hotels in the past.  And SWANKY, people!  It’s the little things, but the room had robes, an *umbrella*, a little shoe shine kit, and an ionic hairdryer with a diffuser!  LOL!  I was so impressed! And moulding!  A hotel with moulding is a rare thing indeed in our typical price range.  And the bed…the comfortor and the pillows…bliss.  Seriously. And valet parking.  Giggle.  Oh, and a stack of current Maine Home and Design mags in the room! It’s like they read my mind!


Hotel front, chandelier, waiting for the valet, moulding and substantial curtain rod…oh, the details that make me happy.

Mom and dad had gifted Erick with some giftcards on his bday, so on the way down Friday night we ate at Panera and we had breakfast at Starbucks without having to pay out of our pockets.  Someday, I want to stay here for a week and partake in one of the local restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner…fitting dessert in here and there; Portland is full to the brim with amazing indepedant restuarants! Friday night the city was absolutely crawling with people; it was the first annual Art Walk, the weather was wonderful…but since we were arriving a bit late and were staying at a fancy hotel, we wanted to soak up the atmosphere so we didn’t leave until check out the next morning.

Saturday we finally went to the Portland Museum of Art; I had scored a two for one deal on Living Social awhile back, so we technically didn’t have to pay for that this weekend either. 😉  Oh you guys; I’m kicking myself because I thought there was no photography allowed; turns out there WAS in many places, but I didn’t realize that until we were leaving.  I snapped one picture.  I could of taken so many more; I was able to stand right smack dab in front of a Monet! And Church, Homer, Kent, Sargent, the Wyeth’s…Cassatt, Degas, Picasso, Renoir…happy, HAPPY girl.  If time had allowed I would of been one of those people sitting on a bench staring at a painting for hours, trying to take it all in.  SO INCREDIBLE.  This spring there are tours to Winslow Homer’s house and I am just itching to go!!


After the museum, we ate at Chipotles then bumped around Homegoods and Marshalls with a stop at Freeport on the way home.  It was so good to be with my honey for a bit…to have some fancy fun but not pay big bucks.  Only thing that would of added substantially to the weekend?  Live theatre!  Someday…

So…there is a chance that we might hit 60 degrees today! Wahoo! We’re off to buy some bulk blueberries in Ellsworth today and to soak up the sun a bit.  Have a gorgeous day today, friends!