Tell me this has happened to you!  You fall so behind on laundry that one day you finish your shower and realize that you have to run around the house to scrounge up the last clean dishtowel to dry off.  Yeppers.

photo-18Just look at that mess, and here I am, on the computer…but not for long!  I have much to discuss, but laundry and preventing a house from falling into full on disaster mode takes precedence.

But OH, a bright spot!  One of those precious events that gives you hope amidst the less than desireable news of the week {Boston and West, Lord HELP us}…I am an AUNT!  A full on official aunt to a sweet baby girl (Kaitlyn) whom I desperately want to cuddle and rock and kiss all over; alas, she lives in California.  Boo!  I am so tempted to hop on a plane, right this very moment, but will probably have to wait until this summer to shower this baby with adoration in person. Congratulations, so much, to my amazing brother in law and sister in law.  Love you Josh and Erin.  You did GOOD.  A baby Murray GIRL!  Didn’t think it could happen.  😉

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 11.48.42 AM

Must get off the duff!  Have a blessed day…