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I sit down to my computer in the morning, and just give up on posting because I have too much to share!  This morning I’m going to try, though…give you the long story short version. 😉

Dad is done!  School is finished…for good.  They gave him a sombrero and chiles in honor of his New Mexican roots!  I just love this picture.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.07.59 AM

It’s also his birthday today!  What a week, right? Happy Birthday, Dad!

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.09.18 AM

(We’re selling the banners on Groopdealz today, by the way…that just worked in nicely to my post, didn’t it? Ha!

No rest for the weary, though; no time to sit back and relax!  The family business is now officially in full swing.  I’m working on a website; it’s not really finished, but here is a start.  It is GO month.  Would you pray for us?  It would be so appreciated.  Not that teacher pay is tremendous, but we’ve got to make at least a teacher’s salary from this business, from here on out!  God is in this thing.

One thing I love about blogging is sharing our story.  If it can be an encouragement to others, all the better.  And I want it as a record for my boys; so they can look back someday and see how God worked!


I was at first hesitant to post this; I hate Oh Poor Me moments; but I’m going to write this down anyway.  Our oil filter fell off the car last week, dumped the oil, and irreversibly damaged our engine.  Sigh…

When the mechanic called us with an estimate on a used engine, though, it ended up being what we have…ALL of what we have.  Wiping us clean!  But we HAVE IT!!!  I am 100% grateful; you don’t even know.  About 2% irritated, honestly, because not only is our savings gone, but I had some of that set-aside money earmarked for things this summer. It’s been a bit of work to not let that 2% creep in. However, it has given us the motivation to purge our house and have a yard sale.  To get creative when it comes to saving and making money, so we can get a start on adding to our savings again.  Yet another God Story in our life!  Celebrate…even the irritations, which can really turn into good things.


Would you mind taking a look at the website and giving me a little feedback?  I’d really appreciate it.  And y’all, this has kept me up at night; wondering what to do about the blog.  If I stick with this, I have to pay, because I’m almost out of picture space and need to bump up past the “free” level.  I do have space on the new website to start a blog though.  I’ve considering moving this whole shebang over to the new site, but I’m pretty sure we’d be over our limit for space on THAT site if I did!  So right now my inclination is to keep this blog right here, but just start posting on the other site for the time being.  That keeps my options open a bit.  I’ll let you know, obviously, where to find me once I nail down my idea for good!  Right now this site is just linked to that one.

Alright!   I have to get to work; the Maine Home and Design Show is NEXT WEEK!  We have so much to do.  So very much.  Prayers appreciated for that too!  I’m asking alot of you today, aren’t I?

You are all the best.  Thanks for hangin’ in there with me; sharing in my story!