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The Finest Kind was a phrase I first heard upon moving up North, and it quickly became a favorite!  And I have to admit, I do have the finest kind of life.

Don’t let that fool you; it’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but that is what makes it so wonderful.  The ups and downs, the peaks and valleys {oh, have we had our valleys!}, the fact that there is a “time for everything” has taken me on a  journey and has led me closer in relationship to my Creator; who blesses me abundantly, turns sorrow into joy, and showers me in grace every single day.

I’m living a life I never really expected to live; born and bred a New Mexican, I now live in Maine (!) Talk about your plans going gloriously awry; I never figured I would end up here, but now I never want to leave!  I am married to a man that fits me perfectly-he makes me want to be a better all-around person.  I’ve written our story from our first meeting to wedding here…I hope to continue our journey from wedding to kiddo’s soon; it’s certainly a God Story. We have three precious boys that delight my soul and occasionally make me want to hide my head under the covers with the abundant energy they have that never seems to dissipate.  I’m a homeschoolin’ momma, and am just starting to delve into a little business of my own.  I need more hours in the day, please.

We live in my “dream” house; an old bungalow with original wavy windows, high ceilings,  radiator heat and plaster walls (and every “problem” that could possibly come with old houses; slanted floors, outdated electricity, and a heating system from 1967, hopefully to be remedied soon).  But the character is worth the drawbacks. 🙂 I love it here-it’s placed in the quintessential New England town, two doors down from my parents.

this is a picture I found of the house, drawn by the daughter of some former owners back in the 60’s

So that’s it in a nutshell; the finest kind of family, the finest kind of Maine, the finest kind of house and the finest kind of relationship with my Savior, Jesus.

Life is Good.

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love the drawing you found of the house by a previous resident. What a treasure.


  2. Thank you so much for hosting my button and donating for Julie! Every bit is so appreciated and I am humbled by everyone’s support. Bloggers are RAD!

  3. KatherineLee Coleman said:

    I’d like to ‘follow you’ on Pinterest… any idea how i can find you? searching Jennifer Murray turned up way too many options! Thanks, KatherineLee Coleman

    • Jennifer said:

      Hey Ms. KatherineLee!
      I had to go look; when I go to “my page” the link at the top looks like this… http://pinterest.com/jennifermurray/
      I hope that helps; I’ll try to track you down; maybe there are fewer Katherine Lee’s then there are Jennifer Murrays! 🙂

  4. Just came across your blog through the Master Designer blogroll…. and I love it all! Wanted to let you know that I added your site to my faith(LINKS), a spot on my blog for Jesus-loving bloggy women 🙂
    also wanted to invite you to link up any of your pretty projects at the Hearts&Homes link party, http://www.mercyINKblog.com

    hope you have a blessed day!

  5. thanks so much for checking out my blog, I appreciate it!

  6. I loved reading this! We just got back from Maine and enjoyed every minute. And I’m with you…feeling like my life is the finest kind, not because it’s perfect, but because of a God who has His best in mind for me!

  7. love the design and creativity – keep up the wonderful work!

    amanda over at hillpen

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