163 Design Company

Click on the Picture; it will take you to our new website!  Wahoo!



12 thoughts on “163 Design Company”

  1. I!!! LOVE!!! These!!! {and will be in touch 🙂 }

  2. amanda rider said:

    hey there. i’m wondering about the open sign your friend posted today? i LOVE it. i’m wondering how much it would be to get one, and if i pay with paypal. you can email me at premiereportraits04@yahoo.com

  3. Sarah Jane Marchi said:

    i would love to purchase the sign: It is well with my soul, I will be saying it all day!!
    But I do like the variation in in fonts, can you do SOUL in a different font?
    Look forwad to hearing from you!

    • Sarah Jane Marchi said:

      Hi Jennifer
      Love my sign!! Hung it in the kitchen so i can start out my day knowing God is near!
      My daughter loves it and I think I would like to get her one. I am thinking :
      “This is the finest kind of life”
      The one that you show is perfect. Let me know if it is available and I will send you a payment.
      thank you so much

  4. I love your signs and adore the tags. Are they for sale?

    Art by Karena

  5. Colleen Ross said:

    Hello! Do you still have any of these sweet signs for sale?

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