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So, this is how it generally goes; you post about No Legos and then your boys, they See Legos and are like “WOW!  Look at LEGOS!”  Ha!!!!  So, we might wait until the babe is a wee bit older and is no longer stuffing any odd thing in his mouth, then maybe possibly momma might consider the Lego thing.  As long as they are kept in their bedroom, on the Lego Table.

(You’re laughing hysterically at that, right?)

So that kid in the picture up there?  Minor miracle; on Sunday he turned a corner; I can now sit him on the floor and he will play, happily, by himself.  For all of 10 minutes, and I can’t actually leave the room, but this is progress, friends.  I can fly through folding laundry; I can pay some bills.  Happy Sigh.


So, Darlene’s house was just featured on Houzz.com.  It’s gorgeous…one of the many items that I’m swooning over?  Her inherited split couch.  Girlfriend, if I ever have the pleasure of visiting, can I just curl up and sleep on it?  She was gracious enough to include my signs, and I’ve been in contact the last week or two with sweet Amy Renea of Allenaim Photography; she took the photos.  I am in LOVE with this one…

The painted floor is what originally led me to Fieldstone Hill.  Lucky boys, those two!


Guess what?  I have to paint one chair, hang two pieces of “art”, put three outlet covers on, then my dining room will be complete!  I’ve been knocking out little projects in there and doing behind-the-scenes work on getting the new business up and running.  I’m moving the shop over to Big Cartel.  Just started a paypal account.  Almost there! We finished a laser project this week that left me geekily excited.  Slow but sure.  Can’t wait for summer to really throw myself into projects.  Too many ideas, not enough time!


Shockingly, it’s almost 8:00am and the babe is still sleeping, but I’m wise enough to know it won’t last for long!  I still have a cookie recipe to share with you, in addition to some author recommendations; I’ve been immersed in some fantastic books lately that, chances are, you’ve never heard about.  Can’t wait to let you in on my finds!

Have a great day, friends!